Who are you?

Hi, I’m Jarrod. I originally started Killgruz.com as a way of honoring the many excellent Macintosh games that I grew up with. My family had a Macintosh SE back when they first came out, and for as long as I can remember I’ve still always had at least one vintage Mac setup for playing games on. In more recent years my love of retro computers has spread to include computer systems such as the Apple II, Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, and TI-99/4A.

I started my first YouTube Channel in 2006 with the goal of showing off these classic Macintosh games. I hadn’t seen anything online about them and it was starting to seem as if they were being forgotten. I started posting gameplay footage of ancient Macintosh games, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I had started posting more produced videos to a new YouTube channel Killgruz Videos. These videos sat on my YouTube channel for a couple months unnoticed, so I decided to create more.

With some persistence I was noticed by fellow YouTubers and gained a small audience. I am really thankful that there are some people checking out my videos and enjoying them. I’m always working to get better at it.

Although Killgruz began as an outlet for my love of early Macintosh computer games in video form, it has also become Killgruz Games. The label that my own game creations carry.


What does the name Killgruz mean?

The name Killgruz originally comes from my mid 1990’s IRC nickname thegriz. thegriz was eventually shortened to just ‘griz’, and after many, many typos it became gruz. (the ‘i’ and ‘u’ keys are right next to each other)


What can I do to help you out?

You’re already helping me out by checking out this website. Comment and like my videos, watch my videos on YouTube.

Donations help too, I have been paying for the hosting of killgruz.com out of pocket for quite some time now, along with the countless hours I’ve spent creating videos. A time might come when I won’t be able to do this anymore.

I accept secure PayPal donations here:

Thank you, and enjoy the videos!