Where’s Killgruz Videos? Update for November 2013

What I’ve been up to?

So it’s been awhile, again. I say that like I’ve been screwin’ around for the last 8 or 9 months. Nope! I’ve been hard at work at college (changed my major from Audio production to Web design) and still chiseling away at my game, which I still won’t spill the beans about.

I’ve actually beefed up my game collection quite a bit in the last several months, acquiring systems like Intellivision, Colecovision, Atari stuff, AMIGA STUFF AND MOOOORE! =] A bunch of stuff obtained through buying small lots on craigslist and swallowing other people’s collections. I sell off doubles of games I get and am more often than not able to cover the initial cost, so yay, free retro games!

New Videos in the Horizon

As far as video creation goes, I will be releasing more gameplay and commentary style videos soon. I have one already filmed and edited, but am holding off a bit to upload it. I will be checking out some VIC-20 games on cassette tapes.

I was planning on releasing more fully produced videos, especially seeing how my Top 10 Super Mario Bros. 3 Hacks video will soon hit 40,000 views (25,000 from YouTube) but am having trouble staying focused. When I begin the process of making a video, I usually do as much as possible over the course of a few days, and finish the video in a few consecutive sessions. Lately, I’ve found myself having to put projects that I’ve already began on the shelf for weeks at a time before coming back to them. When I am finally able to come back to it, I’ve lost the spark. This has happened 3 times now, and I feel I should wait until I know that I can start and finish a full video. In the meantime I will be making commentary videos of games that I find interesting.

Banned from Blip 


Yep, the folks at Blip.tv banned my account, probably because I don’t release videos regularly right now. It doesn’t bother me much because I don’t like the way they force people to watch their ads, and I’ve always thought their organization and uploading tools were screwy as hell. I will, however, miss them hosting my iTunes feed, and until I get that sorted out I will be without one. I know that several people watch my show on there, so I will work something out eventually. I’m re-hosting all the videos on my site locally, so that should work out.


Anyways, thanks a lot for sticking with me and see you soon with a new video!




I’m comin for ya!