Top 10 Weird Super Mario Bros. Game Genie Codes

I’ve always been a fan of the Game Genie, more specifically the Game Genie for the Nintendo Entertainment System. When I was younger, video games were a lot more difficult than today. Usually a couple hits and you’re dead, 3 lives and it’s game over.

Being able to save your game, or even have continues wasn’t usually standard. Some games did feature Passwords, but more often than not the piece of paper you’d scribble your codes on would end up lost, or in the trash.

Needless to say most people wouldn’t usually see the ending to most Nintendo games. That is until the Game Genie made it’s appearance.Game Genie Logo

Normal uses of the Game Genie were to give yourself more lives, infinite health, or infinite ammo. Not so normal uses (and what absolutely fascinated me) were to change level designs, alter the appearance of sprites, and basically just cause strange things to happen.

A long time ago I would create and collect these strange codes, and post them online on my old Geocities website. Having recently rediscovered my old Geocities website, I was inspired to share some of my own personal favorite codes.

In the video above, I narrowed hundreds of Super Mario Bros. codes down to my top 10 favorite:

#10 EVYIVY – Everything bounces when it hits the ground

#9 PIGNAX – Invisible Mario – Really changes the gameplay

#8 GAYSUK – Run off a platform and keep running in the air

#7 VGPNYA – Weird stuff comes out of power ups

#6 STAGEO – All bad guys throw hammers

#5 EKGAIS – CRAZY Cartoon colors

#4 PIGPOG – Spawns random enemies and obstacles

#3 NULTKA – All enemies are Toad

#2 NAPSIN – Kill all onscreen enemies with firepower

#1 YEAAAA – Very, very wacky craziness!

For this list of codes I used the US Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt cart. If you’re having problems with these codes make sure that’s the version of the game you’re using.

Here’s the list of codes from my old website:

Super Mario Bros. 1 – NES

KAGKAL: unbelievably fast goombas

NNAIKE: all power ups and stars kill you

ILOVET: Mario’s mouth opens and closes like Pac-Man when he walks

VILLGI: Mario walks backwards

IONATX: Beetles replace goombas

TXEPAG: weird bricks, more fire flowers in some worlds (1-2)

STAGEO + SPEPNY: extra difficult (koopas have hammers etc…)

KOYNAN: no sound when Mario jumps

OPASSE: 1up mushrooms are now power ups

AKEOIP: weird level

VELITT: power ups disappear when hit, very few enemies

OVILLV: when you shoot a fireball, Mario makes the motion, but nothing comes out

GALLSS: when you hit a 10-coin block, only one coin comes out

SONETX: you control the demo

OKENGX: really weird

EKEOTO: invincible

EOXNTI: weird sound FX – coins

AOXNTI: another weird sound for coins

PETEEE: no background, just foreground

TOSXUN: The screen scrolls along with you and part of it disappears. I can’t describe it.

EGENIE: Mario skates

XGONLY: Music starts and stops

AXEAXP: backgrounds change colors

IENTIA: 1UP mushroom floats in air

VXATSA: you see the enemies left of your screen when they’re really where they should be

OVEKSX: when you stomp enemies, they die but keep on moving

TVASNA: you appear invincible when you get a star, but you can still get hurt

USXEOX: when you hit a block, the block stays unharmed, but the thing inside still comes out.

ESTONE: The pipes you can go down look normal, the others look screwed.

XESTON: Mario looks like Luigi

VOIGEP: Enemies go through pipes, power ups fly to the left

PKONTX: When Mario faces left, he looks normal, when he faces right he looks weird and he can go behind background

VOULOS: Nothing comes out of any of the blocks

OPOISO: cannot be harmed by enemies but you can still stomp them

TOUSSA: You cannot stomp goombas or you’ll turn small or die

NOKEAG: Some power ups and stars give you 1ups, hitting red koopas makes weird things happen

OLUNTE: Appear big when you run

XANOPO: no time

TOANPX: Mario is crazy!

KEKAKE: no backgrounds and foreground

INTOAS: weird level, but it works

KYOUGK: Mario falls left instead of right on flagpole

TXEEON: time resets itself to 409 when it reaches 400

SEIING: when Mario hits a block, it becomes nighttime

STAPTO: no music

SEPUEG: when you hit the 1st mushroom block, coins fall from the sky, but you can’t get them

SPEPNG: weird level

POPPOK: No Clouds

PSTIOO: Every Enemy Hit Is Worth “1 UP”!!!

PZZONO: Go down any pipe

ZEEOPO: 50 extra seconds

IVYENO: all enemies look like Koopa

PINAAO: Move in pause

SSASSA: Always starman

YAZYIG: Random teleporting

PAZSNO: Always have fireballs

PIGNAX: Invisible

EATSSY: Walk through things

OOTAAA: strange effects

AAAAAA:strange effects

POTEXX: Things turn to 1/2 when hit

TIKOAO: Swim without water

EVYIVY: Everything bounces

OPKOPK: Scenery in sky!

IAGPSK: Warp to 4-1 /w/ no Lakitu (Yeah!)

PIGPEG: World with no enemies or elevators!

PAZSNO You can always throw fireballs

ZIGGYY: More enemies

SKIINO Enemies don’t die


For more codes, check out the following Super Mario Bros. Game Genie code pages:

Wayback Machine Archive of

31 Replies to “Top 10 Weird Super Mario Bros. Game Genie Codes”

  1. I discovered a new Game Genie code for SMB1:

    LRLFLS – When collecting a powerup or stomping a enemy the Score Obtainer bar goes up faster (i mean the ones that say 1UP, 1000, 100, 200, etc) but while hitting a coin block it goes up at the normal speed


  3. AAANAY: Forcing the game to start makes Mario invisible and the game freezes. Turning the code on during gameplay does the same but Mario doesn’t turn invisible.

  4. GPILNK – Some powerups are missing, others will fall from the top of the screen after you hit the block. Might make a full game run more interesting.

  5. GOATSE: Though it shares the name of the infamous shock site, this code provides an interesting effect and a great deal of challange. Enemies and some objects are invisible, but their graphics and animation appear on the left side of the screen.


    1. @TheHylain
      XXXAKA – Only play Duck Hunt.
      PEOAAA – The game goes directly to Duck Hunt.
      ZVZEIE – Pressing start resets.

  7. SOLALI:Mario’s form resets back to Small without changeing size when the level/level segment changes, i tryed somari but no m and r so solali it is

  8. if you use PZZONO + PIGPOG + NAPSIN +NULTKA its so damn funny. and if you check all the pipes, you can warp to 2-2 and then finish it you go to 1-4 then fight bowser (NO BOWSER!!!) you just go to 2-1!

  9. My creations
    PIGSUP – The game doesn’t stop if you die via enemy. The clock will freeze and sometimes the screen but it only lasts a few seconds before everything will move again. You will get the death music but still be alive. Falling into pits and lava kills you, Time up is broken so you need to turn the code off during play if timed out.

    1. GSLLEK – Mushrooms will move randomly but are easier to get.

      GELLEK – Frozen mushrooms

      SINPLS – only use once then turn off when you die…
      On world 1 – 1, go down the 1st pipe for an infinate coin room. Eventually the time will run out, turn the code off and then enjoy near infinate lives.

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