Update for November 2015 – We’ll be back! We’ll be back!

I’ve been getting questions asking if I’m still alive and also about my YouTube channel and the status of it. First off – Yep, I’m still alive! I haven’t died or abandoned my site or channel. I will be back soon, though as of right now I’m not making videos or games. Once again I’ve hit a very time consuming semester in college, and my wife and I just recently had my son, a super cute baby boy, just a couple of months ago. I’m not a first time father, I had my daughter going on six years ago now so it’s not as life changing having another baby, but it still takes a lot of energy.

I’ll definitely be back at the beginning of 2016, or possibly later, though I still might finish some projects I’ve been working on earlier this year. Thanks for all the comments and concerns on YouTube and in emails! I’m not dead!


Jarrod  <— Not dead!