Thoughts on Tetris for Macintosh

Tetris for Macintosh Box

I recently ran across a really cheap but complete copy of this ultra-classic game Tetris. I wasn’t positive if the disks still worked or not judging by the look of the box, but when it arrived I popped it in my Macintosh SE, and sure enough – it worked perfectly.

This particular copy isn’t the original 1988 release of this game, since this copy has a sticker that says ‘MacWorld 1991 World Class Award Winner’ but the game’s identical to the version I grew up with… Almost.

My family didn’t have a lot of money when I was young, so most of our software was either shareware or backup copies. The version of this game we had on our family’s Mac was a copy, that ran without any kind of sounds. Even when buying this game today, I had absolutely no idea that this game had any kind of sound whatsoever. Excitement filled the room after I booted my Mac up with this floppy, and heard that catchy Russian music welcoming me to the super addictive Tetris for the next couple of hours.

Tetris Title Screen
Tetris Title Screen

Spectrum HoloByte had really great music in their games, and Tetris was no different. I can’t say the music in Tetris was their best, (personally I still prefer the music in Faces) but it’s good, and has some really realistic sounding instruments.

It feels really good to finally own a legit copy of this black and white version of Tetris, the version I grew up with.

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