Super Mario Game Genie Codes in 3D NES

Super Mario Game Genie Codes in 3D NES

Quick video today checking out a few Game Genie codes in the 3D NES emulator.

Codes in this video:

1. INTOAS – Weird level code that mixes up blocks and makes them scattered all ove the place.
2. NAGLAG – Run full speed and pull backwards for a Naglag.
3. PIGPOG – Classic code that spawns random enemies and objects everywhere.
4. TOILET – The poo code. Makes turds fall from the sky when you hit a brick as small Mario.
5. ZYYUUV – Rains coins and spawns random enemies that behave strangely.
6. YZZENO – A weaker “all bad guys throw hammers” code. Makes platforms, firebar blocks and castles throw hammers.
7. YEAAAA – The classic corruption code. This makes us happy.

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