Super Mario Game Genie Cocktail

In today’s video I’m mixing together 10 crazy Game Genie codes to create an ultimately weird Super Mario experience!

Codes in this video:

  1. OUTOPI – Random placement of level blocks.
  2. IVONAU – Music code that changes the music to sound like a PC speaker.
  3. EGGSOP – Everything freezes when you get a powerup, can’t die when hitting enemies.
  4. SKIINO – Bad guys won’t die by jumping on their heads.
  5. PIGPOG – Spawns random enemies and obsticles.
  6. EVYIVY – Everything that moves vertically bounces when it hits the ground.
  7. PVLTXA – Changes the enemy sprites around to be something they’re not suppose to be.
  8. OOOLPI – Glitches the graphics. Slows Mario’s running animation. Changes Mario’s shirt to black.
  9. SIZLLT – Mario always has firepower, but if you get a fireflower you shoot 2 fireballs that move fast!
  10. TOKEUP – Weird colors and numbers all over.

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