24 WEIRD Super Mario 3 Game Genie Codes

24 WEIRD Super Mario 3 Game Genie Codes

Super Mario 3 is a game that’s always been more difficult for me to come up with weird codes for. In this video I show some of the codes I have created, and showcased some of the codes I found online.

Codes in this video:

1. OXOUUUSX + PEOUKLTT + XVOUSLIE – All stages and areas have jumping fish
2. KEGKEL – Holes in ground
3. PEEZIA – Walk on doughnuts coming from sky, trail of strange blocks follows you
4. IIAOKG – Crazy glitched graphic tiles!
5. IGAOKG – Cool glitched graphic tiles 2
6. AEPZIA – Crazy Audio sfx halucinations. Bushes have bolts
7. YXOZIP – Cool trippy mode
8. PXPZIP – Weird textures, sky flashes red/blue like police
9. PAPZUG – Better night mode, pipe is moved a bit at the beginning of 1-5 so you can pass. Some platforms are missing as seen on 1-6
10. KKKOIN – Messed up levels. Need to use level skip code GPNAETTY + AANAOTLA
11. PSNSUX – Weird effects when hit enemies. Almost like mario farts
12. PPXKUA – Suicidal enemies and objects
13. ISPUTK – Mario is possessed. Levels act very strange. Weirdo train sound
14. SEPUTK – Mario is possessed. Bad guys act strange. Weirdo train sound 2
15. KSIIII – Bad guys are weird when you jump on them
16. SLUTTS – Cool remix music
17. KEKXGLIE – Death Mario, CANT GO DOWN OR UP PIPES, gray color and always small. Cant get hurt.
18. OOKXGLIE – Purple Swimming Raccoon Mario power up
19. KXKXGLIE – Start and stay glichy Mario. Only weakness is water. Press down and B to do a magic poof!
20. ESIIIE – Piranna covered mario with no bkg platforms
21. AEKXGLIE – Randomly change into different Mario powerups
22. PIZZAS – Small mario can bump his head on a regular bricks and they change to a coin
23. AAKXTIYP + AAVZAIIA – Fireballs turn most of the solid ojects into coins
24. LUAZIE – No music. Paints a hole in the level where mario is. Have to keep moving to not die. Freezes if you try to open inventory at map screen.

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