Nintendo Arcade: The Lost Web Games

Back in the mid-2000’s when Nintendo would put out a new game, a lot of the time they’d put out a website to go along with it, as part of the marketing for the game.

These websites would include things like screenshots, descriptions, downloads and sometimes Nintendo would even include games on these websites!

These were actual licensed Nintendo games and an important part of Nintendo history. Below I’ve listed direct links to each of these ancient web games that I was able to find on Nintendo’s server.

About the Nintendo Arcade

For a brief period between late 2005 throughout late 2007, Nintendo ran a page at, aptly named the Nintendo Arcade.

The Nintendo Arcade compiled all of Nintendo’s web games onto a single page, so you didn’t need to know all of the individual sites to play the games. You would click on a game and it would load right there on the page.


Animal Crossing Wild World Trivia:

DK King of Swing:

DKC3 Barrel Blastapalooza:

Dr. Mario Vitamin Toss:

Mario Tennis Power Tour Bicep Pump:

Mario Tennis Power Tour Reflex Rally:

Metroid Prime Trivia:

Bowser’s Lair Hockey:

Mario Party Advance Bullet Bill Bounce:

Odama Crush and Conquer:

Phantasia Archery:

Pokemon Trozei:

Super Princess Peach Parasol Fall:


Tetris DS:

True Swing Golf: