Video: My TI-99/4A Adventure

I recently acquired an old TI-99/4A computer and unfortunately it was just the power cable and computer itself – no video cable, joysticks or games. I wasn’t sure if this computer even worked at all, as this TI-99/4A has no LED power light to tell me if it was turning on when I flipped the switch.

Although I don’t have any games for this computer yet, I still made a project of trying this classic computer out over this past weekend. I thought I’d share my experience with typing in the TI BASIC game “Anti-Aircraft Gun”

I used the video port pinout diagram from to create the video cable for this project, and instead of stealing their graphic for use here I created my own:


For the TI Basic games I grabbed the Computer Gaming chapter of the book “The Best of 99er: Volume 1” which can be found here.

Note: This ftp server seems to go offline frequently. If it’s not working for you, try again later.


Beige TI-99/4A Texas Instruments Computer 99/4A

Such a fun little computer that’s going to be fun to collect games for, glad it works!

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  1. My first computer was one of these, though it was the earlier silver and black model. I had a few 99er magazines too; they were just perfect both for the computer and the beginning user like myself.

  2. I have an old ti-99/4a. To help with the how you undo what you are typing in, I think you retype the line number to overwrite that line. Anyway, thanks for the video cable pin-out as I have lost the cables for mine, I am thinking of seeing about using an arduino instead of a keyboard on this thing.

  3. The TI-99/4A community is THRIVING with people from all over the world. New games, utilities and even hardware are still being produced in 2015. If you are interested in being overloaded with many messages daily, go to this url: C U There!

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