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I spent the last couple of days working on a new web version of an ancient Macintosh game titled “MacBugs!”. It was sort of a Centipede style shooting game from the mid-1980’s, and one that I spent hours and hours playing as a kid. I loved it (and still do), which is why I made this.

This remake of MacBugs is pretty close to the original, but isn’t exactly the same. This version has smoother movement, an online highscore, faster gameplay, no extra lives, and other stuff which I felt would make it better for the web. It keeps the same feel of the original, and I find it fun. Check it out!

Click here to play MacBugs! Web

Also, if you look up at the top of this page, in the menu, you’ll find a new section called Games. This is where I plan to have all of my current and future games listed (right now there’s only one), so for the easiest way to get to them, that’s where to go.

Thank you for reading this. And please, let me know if you find any bad bugs (no pun intended). Now go-go-go play the game and beat my high score!

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