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There have been times where I have felt like it’s a personal mission of mine to find new shareware games that I missed out on growing up. Now, I don’t know if anyone else can relate, but only once you’ve tried following hyperlinks from the ancient internet, do you find that a lot of the old stuff is gone. Some of the more popular old-time websites can still be accessed through the Wayback Machine, but even so it is comparable to digging through the internet’s dumpster.


This is a partial list of some of the links I’ve followed. I will be adding to this in the future as I dig further into my massive bookmark folder. Even since bookmarking these sites a lot of them have went offline, so in the name of tidiness contact me if any of these are dead so I can give them the boot!


Last updated: 12/9/2013

Here is my contribution to all those who are on similar new-old software seeking quests:


Classic Mac: – First stop for vintage Macintosh games and apps. – First stop forums for vintage Apple/Mac stuff. – Vintage Computing Files Archive. A server on Hotline/KDX/FTP with lots of vintage computing files. – Home of the Mac GUI Vault, this website has lots of resources for Apple II and Mac computers. – The Highland Historic Computer Museum (HHCM) — located in Highland, Maryland, USA — is a computer museum dedicated to preserving historical computer equipment and making it available to the public. – The goal of this website is to collect for posterity a portion of the obsolete and abandoned software which ran on Macintosh computers prior to the introduction of OS X. – Another great website dedicated to classic Macintosh software. This website also includes ftp access to the archive, but as I understand you’re only able to download up to 5kb/s without an account. – A website devoted to System 6, including a download section. – A wiki hosted on underground-gamer, “The goal of this project is to have every game made for the Classic Mac OS.” Edit 12/9/2013 – updated with Internet Archive link. Underground-gamer died. =( – Vintage in its appearance, this website seems as if it may contain a whole lot of fun Mac shareware games. – A website devoted to interesting and obscure Apple hardware and software. – A collection of 68k apps and games. – Foray into 68000, a website created by a guy who loves programming retro Macs, though this page almost seems abandoned as it hasn’t been updated in close to a decade. Lots of useful programming information. – A wayback machine archive of EMNET’s classic Mac archive. The downloads on this page don’t work anymore, but it is useful to read and find out about new games. – A retro Mac forum. Seems to be somewhat active. – Cheat codes for what is mostly vintage Mac games. – Archive of an old japanese site that has most all vintage Mac models start up sounds. Most of these still work, though there are some that werent archived. – Archive of an old Macintosh focused website with lots of interesting resources. Downloads on this site no longer work but the software descriptions are helpful. – Archive of an old Mac site, very few of the categories still worked, so this link takes you start to the arcade section. The download links do not work, but it is useful for reading game descriptions. Archive of the old Hack Mac Games text. This text is very useful to disable copy protection on very early Mac games. – Archive of an old site dedicated to squeezing the last bit of life out of your Macintosh SE. In depth stuff including pinouts! – This website has a ton more links to vintage Macintosh resources. – This appears to be an excellent website for classic Macintosh stuff. This is a good one! – Mac Hut is a large archive of older Macintosh software. Abandonware, Shareware, Freeware, and Demos. – VERY in depth descriptions of early Mac OSes. This is the place to check out if you want to know more about the roots of Mac OS. – Anecdotes about the development of Apple’s original Macintosh computer, and the people who created it. Very interesting stuff here. – This website appears to have a collection of shareware and freeware for both classic Mac OS, early OSX, and most versions of Windows.


This following section is for old Windows and DOS shareware and freeware stuff. In this day and age finding DOS stuff is easy, but still the obscure shareware stuff can be tough to find, and yet tougher to discover new games.


DOS, Windows – WinWorld is an online museum dedicated to the preservation and sharing of abandonware and pre-release software, as well as any and all knowledge associated with such works. – A website with shareware downloads, and lots of game descriptions. Descriptions are really important in my opinion. – Lots of weird stuff here, though its mainly on this list because it has descriptions of the files. – Another site with all sorts of weird DOS stuff. – Lots of useful DOS tools are here.


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