Lep’s World Playthrough

It could be said that I’m not the biggest fan of App Store games. There are in my opinion very few actual good games, floating in a sea of bad ones. The market is oversaturated, and it only gets worse as each day goes by.

The games I do enjoy are very few and far between, but Lep’s World (actually called Super Jump World when I first discovered it) is one that I do like. It’s easy enough to dismiss Lep’s World as a shameless Super Mario rip off, but underneath its very obvious cover, there is what I find to be a fun game.

There isn’t much replay value in Lep’s World, with the game simply deleting your saved game after completion of all 40 levels, but the game does get pretty challenging about halfway through. The very late levels in the game feel tacked on though, and are just slightly more difficult versions of early levels; I didn’t enjoy them as much.

This game is $0.99 in the App Store, though I recommend the Macintosh version in the Mac App Store.

In celebration of Lep’s World 2 (get it!) being released, I present a full playthrough (not flawless, I tried but still died a few times) video of the original Lep’s World Plus, in its native resolution/framerate (1024×768/60fps fullscreen).

Update: At one time this video was a full playthrough of the game, but from my understanding Lep’s World has since been updated to include additional levels.

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  1. Hello,
    Thank you ver much for this video, personally I love this game. I’ve already done all these levels and now i’m stuck at 11-2. Did you do it? If yes, how did you do that please, I need help!!
    Thank you.

    Lep’s grilfriend 😉

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