Killgruz Update for December 2013 – New Game Broadcaster HD Tests

Test #2 – Quake HD Darkplaces Mod

Test #1 – Just Cause 2 Multiplayer

Checkout the video descriptions on YouTube for info on the settings I used and notes on the tests.

A few days ago I bought my own Avermedia Game Broadcaster HD card, as I think it will help ease the process of making videos. Since 2006 or earlier I have been messing around with screen recording software to make my videos, and now with this card all I have to do is pull out one of my many computers and plug it straight into this card to record the screen. Using real hardware with this card has many advantages, but I believe the biggest one is the amount of time I will save not having to mess around with emulators or fraps and such. My time is very limited these days so every little thing that speeds up the video making process helps.

Why do I bother even posting this? Because I wanted to let you know that me being able to afford this card is directly related to all you kind folks who have been watching my videos and clicking / checking out the ads both on YouTube and here on this website. This has allowed me to pay for hosting and fees for, and now pay for this card. Every single penny I have made from my YouTube channel and this website since 2010 has been invested back into it, with hopes of bringing better content. I know that content has been slow coming as of late, but the main thing is that it will continue to come. Without this support I might have given up at this a long time ago. So again, thank you, and I hope to bring lots of new videos in the new year!