Glider PRO Review – Classic Mac Games

Glider PRO Review & Unboxing – Classic Mac Games #40

Glider PRO was created by John Calhoun and published by Casady & Greene in 1994. Fly your paper airplane through a house and look for stars while avoiding benign household hazards.

I have uploaded my the Glider Pro archive that I put together during this video here:

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  1. Hey killgruz,

    Thanks for covering Glider Pro in-depth, this game was my childhood! I definitely was that kid spending hours and hours and hours in the house editor. I remember having to seek a lot of help (pre-internet for us) trying to implement custom PICTs and never quite getting there, but hey, I was 10.

    Another interesting note is that John Calhoun released the source code for Glider Pro and Glider 4.0 on github, which might be of interest!

    Did you end up uploading the copies of GliderTech anywhere? I’d definitely be interested in that if so, and any other digital Glider memorabilia you know about.

    Thanks again,


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