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I am a one-man team who puts a lot of my time and money into these videos. These donations help cover the odds and ends of video and audio production – software licenses, hardware upgrades and maintenance, web hosting – stuff like this, to help lessen my own cost.

I am currently creating these videos part-time, spending every last second I can afford on this. The hope is to crowdfund these video projects to the point where I will be able to devote all of my time to video production, tackling bigger and better projects as more resources are available to me. I want to make the best videos possible, for you.

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If you’d like early access to the videos, video credits, or my monthly Killgruz newsletter – you must sign up with the Patreon, as all of that content is hosted and managed on there.

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I like to credit my supporters who choose to donate over $5 / month. (No advertising, please.)

I am now requesting that anyone interested in getting credits in the videos to please sign up with the Patreon link. This has become difficult and time consuming for me to manage outside of that platform.

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Thank you, and enjoy the videos!