Reworking the Site

I just wanted to post a quick message to the blog to let you know that I won’t be updating this blog every week with new video posts. It’s got to the point where it has become a hassle to make a new post here with every new video. I recommend just subscribing to the…

Killgruz is on Patreon!

If you’ve ever wondered why my content is so sporadic, that’s because I’m only doing this as a hobby. It has been my dream to create content as a full time job, but I’ve always felt that is out of reach. Recently I’ve made a push to change that. I’ve started a Patreon page, where…

Moved to a New Server

Once again I have moved this website to a new server. I had been previously running this website from a Pine 64 SBC, and actually it seems that it was faster running it that way. I have decided though that I’d really like to not have to manage this server right now, and I actually…

What’s up Killgruz? – Channel Update 2018

VIDEO – Playing some Return to Dark Castle / How I’m doing / Addressing people who think I should only create Mac game videos / How we did in 2017 and what I’m doing in 2018.

Updated and Upgraded

If you’re reading this then that means the move to a new server has been successful!