Back to WordPress, Back to Normal

I was serious when I said I was going to be switching this blog over to iWeb. I wanted to try my hand at the ultra-simplified website building interface that iWeb offers, but learned after only 3 weeks that it’s not for me. I’m used to the power of WordPress, and I just couldn’t get used to the way things work in iWeb. I can see how it’d be useful creating a website that you weren’t going to update very often, like one promoting a product, or game or something, but it’s plain terrible for blogging. Even worse if you don’t have or want MobileMe.

It was sort of a pain in the ass to move everything back to a fresh WordPress install, but it had to be done. I’ve fixed all of the issues I was having with WordPress, and am now using a slightly modified version of the Codium theme.

The downloads section of this website still isn’t in any kind of condition to be uploaded yet. I’m gearing it towards being compatible with old web browsers, so that you can just surf on in on your old classic Macs to grab some games. I’m hoping it won’t take too much longer to finish up for now. I’m not planning on having just a random mess of games uploaded, I want to keep it really organized, so it’ll probably start off small and grow over time.


Old Website

I love to tinker, so creating this website has been lots of fun for me. I think I’ll be sticking with WordPress from now on though. 🙂

Bye-bye iWeb! Maybe someday Apple will make you better.

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