26 WEIRD Super Mario Game Genie Codes – PART 2

26 WEIRD Super Mario Game Genie Codes – PART 2

You fine folks left me soo many great Super Mario Game Genie codes, I thought it was a shame they were buried in the comments of my old video. Join me for part 2 as I check 26 comments in a video full of weird Super Mario Game Genie codes!

Codes in this video:

1. AEPLLG – Infinite jumping. Jump while in the air!
2. AAGPEG – Different enemies plus warps
3. BUTPLG – Break the clouds like they are bricks
4. EVYTVY – Makes Mario jump like Luigi
5. LLTTGE – Flattens Goombas when you shoot them with fire, sometimes turtles bounce
6. SZLIVA – Go to the next level when you get a fireflower
7. PIGPOG + OVAAAA + SVTVNU + NIPPLE – Corruption code that spawns enemies
8. Reminder to not post guesses for codes!
9. ASSSUK – Can’t hit any blocks
10. STOPPI and LUIGIO – STOPPI = Random question blocks with mushrooms on 1-1. LUIGIO = 2020 graphics or other randomness
11. AESEPIYX – Turns Mario into a black man
12. IKAAAE – Bad corruption code
13. VGPNYY – 2020 graphics code with weird music
14. OPPAII – Butterfly effect code. Changes level to randomness if you kill a bad guy
15. TOKEUP – Cool trippy graphics. 720 blaze it!
16. DCLXVI – Stupid guess at a code – Didn’t work for me
17. PIKSOO – Can’t die if you touch a bad guy
18. TXNUXI – Empty blocks and Mario hits blocks hard
19. AYYNIE + YZXLNY + IXTASP – Super Sonic Bros
20. GULBLE – Mario is backwards and stares at a mushroom
21. UILNYY – Lets you swim through a strange level and the demo kicks in at 3:70 on the timer
22. VNAAAE – Corruption code
23. VVIAAU – Didn’t do anything for me
24. TKYIVY – Enemies run away from you and jump off ledges
25. XYAGEO – Bad guys throw a ton of hammers
26. VLANKA – Crazy music, random level pieces, general crazy stuff

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