10 WEIRD Contra Game Genie Codes

10 WEIRD Contra Game Genie Codes

10 silly Game Genie codes for Contra on Nintendo.

Here’s a list of all the codes I came up with for this video:

EXIIXX – Saw on YouTube – we’ll call this the “Man Gun”. After dying the gun shoots a bunch of contra men all over the screen. Does NOT work in Stages 2 & 4.

TEIIXZ – The stink gun. Causes a weird stink pattern over the man when you shoot.

IEIIXZ, or YEIIOZ – causes you to shoot weird bullets that stay still. Enemies and objects randomly fly at you!

OYTITG – No running enemies & enemies don’t shoot. Got stuck when at waterfall level as the moving platforms shoot you off and you get stuck in the corner. Have to turn off for level 3.

NNZSZU – Weird gun that looks like it is sucking in bullets. I can’t say I understand the physics of this gun.

VVZSLU – Invisible bullets. Makes it a bit more difficult.

ZTTTVG – Makes floating powerups float diagonally down.

LZTVEG – Powerups float in a straight line.

GNYALZ – Floating powerups will return if you shoot them and kill you if you touch them.

XYZVEK – Running enemies self destruct.

XYZVGK – Die whenever an enemy shoots.

PYZIIX or OZZIIX – Trippy graphics!

AAZIIZ – Trippy graphics, blue ground.

PSTSVZ – Blue ground.

LEZAAZ – Weapon boxes get jammed open.

TOZAYZ – Weapon boxes never open. Sometimes causes menu to glitch and not start. May need to start with this code off.

ISTVYN – Explosions cause hallucinations.

PVYVYY – Small explosions are contra guy, large explosions temporarily mess up the screen.

ZOZSTI – Game freezes if you die.

TAZSST – Weird level that ends right away – big hole that you can’t jump over!

IAZSST – Scrambled graphics and flashing everywhere! weird YEAAAA kind of level.

PAZSVT – Weird movement and scrambled, flashing graphics.

PAISVV – Crazy level with ground and water in the sky. Kinda playable.

PZTSNV – Ton of platforms everywhere. Level 2 is hella messy.

ZVTSYS – Slide when going backwards.

IOYAGZ – Strange beeps and tones for some sound effects. When you shoot a powerup it appears behind you.

YKTAIZ – Most sound effects sound short and strange.

KETATZ – No sound effects. Random powerups show up from the ground and hop all over.

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